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5 Element Transformational Healing

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At TerraSana, Dr. Ashley Abbs’ focus and dedication to her practice is on patient-centred care where she educates and empowers every patient to engage their own body’s innate healing ability.

She assists her clients to regain trust and confidence in their own body’s capabilities as well as, identify the tools and practices required to cultivate the healing of their whole self. Her methods utilize the wisdom of Chinese medicine through the lens of 5 Element Philosophy combined with an in-depth understanding of western medicine and modern psychology, herbalism, clairvoyance and energy healing to curate a deeply sacred, transformational and encouraging environment to create individualized sessions designed specifically for you to achieve optimal wellness.




5 Element Transformational Acupuncture Sessions

The body communicates through symptoms and pain both physically and emotionally. By listening to these messages we are able to bring harmony to the whole self to promote optimal wellness.

Ashley’s Transformational Acupuncture Sessions support a myriad of conditions such as Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, & Pediatrics.

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Life Coaching With a Twist.

For those who feels called to awaken their intuition and deepen their awareness to the cycles and rhythms of mother nature and how they support your goals & dreams

We will traverse the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms to unravel the layers of past identities, thoughts, beliefs and oppressions that have dictated life as you know it up to this point to align you with your Soul’s highest calling, to be a vessel for the Divine, and to courageously create shifts and make steady steps towards the life of your dreams.

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