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Fertility Acupuncture

At TerraSana, Dr. Ashley Abbs’ focus and dedication to her acupuncture practice is on patient-centered care where she educates and empowers every patient to engage their own body’s innate healing ability.

She assists her clients to regain trust and confidence in their own body’s capabilities as well as, identify tools and practices to make the lifestyle changes that will restore balance to their fertile potential. She provides treatment for natural conception, IVF & IUI support, pregnancy, postpartum, women’s health, stress management, and pediatrics. Her approach is to combine the wisdom of Chinese medicine with a detailed understanding of western medicine to provide a comprehensive approach to you and your family’s health.


Dr. Abbs’ Signature Living Fertile Method is for women who want to boost their innate fertility and ensure their body is in the best condition to conceive and promote a healthy pregnancy.


Every pregnant woman deserves to feel supported. With each trimester, your body and growing baby receive individual care to ensure proper growth and development with ease.


Healthy Baby requires a Healthy and Happy Mama. Receiving support during this time ensures that you have the best experience possible with your new baby.


Healthy Thriving Babies, make the whole household thrive. We love assisting your little ones achieve optimum health as the foundation of their well-being.

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