Unifying Science with Soul

Acupuncture, Mentoring & Alchemy


Ashley’s 5-Element Transformational Acupuncture Sessions provide the opportunity to address both the body’s need for harmony and much needed relaxation while also creating the opportunity to deep dive into the greater realm of your personal desires and truest potential.

Each session is unique.

Depending on what is revealed from her diagnostics and intuition she selects the necessary tools to activate the healing required at that time. This usually includes and is not limited to Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Acupressure, Cupping, Moxa, Tuning Forks along with Dietary Suggestions, Herbal Prescriptions and Self-care rituals.

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Our Health Programs


Dr. Abbs’ Signature Living Fertile Method is for women who want to boost their innate fertility and ensure their body is in the best condition to conceive and promote a healthy pregnancy.


Healthy Baby requires a Healthy and Happy Mama. Receiving support during this time ensures that you have the best experience possible with your new baby.

Emotional Wellbeing

Ditch the Over-whelm, Anxiety & Depression Develop the tools that support your specific energetic sensitivities to restore harmony to the whole self to promote emotional wellness


Every pregnant woman deserves to feel supported. With each trimester, your body and growing baby receive individual care to ensure proper growth and development with ease.


Healthy Thriving Babies, make the whole household thrive. We love assisting your little ones achieve optimum health as the foundation of their well-being.

Optimal Wellness

Our Optimal Wellness Program is designed to support and heal a variety of symptoms including but not limited to pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune, & digestive disorders.

5 Element Life Design

We live in a culture that commercially encourages looking outside for the answers, for the “right way” to go.

We constantly receive information telling us how to do everything- whom to be, what to believe, how to heal.  But the truth is, if we simply connect to our body and attune to our heart’s voice – the space where our alchemy and soul unite – we know exactly what steady steps to take.

It may or may not look like everyone else’s – but the important thing is we are acting from a place of inner truth, rather than someone else’s ideas or programming. Your 5 Element Alchemy is attuned to your heart’s wisdom, to your intuition, and together they lovingly guide us to honour it every step of the way.

We just have to listen.  The 5 Elements holds the space for deep listening and profound healing.

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