Birthing Acupuncture

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Pre-Birth and Birthing Acupuncture Program

Helping clients prepare for the birth of their baby is one of my favourite types of treatments to perform. I consider it a true honour to support a mother-to-be as she transitions to motherhood and meet her baby for the first time. Pre-Birth Acupuncture is commonly used as a supplement to midwives and doulas during the birthing process. Acupuncture is a useful tool to help:

• Prepare the body for labour using Pre-Birth Acupuncture (starting at 36-37 weeks)
• Induce labour
• Ease the pain and length of labour

Pre-birth Acupuncture is a weekly acupuncture appointment starting at 36-37 weeks where specific acupuncture points are used to help the body cue itself naturally for labour. Assisting in the ripening of the cervix and helping baby position itself to engage and gradually induce labour naturally around your estimated due date.

Birthing Acupuncture is used if you have surpassed your due date by 40+3 days or earlier by the recommendation of your OBGYN or midwife. Labour induction acupuncture protocols are used to help encourage labour and avoid further medical interventions.

One of the major benefits of our sessions that has been invaluable to my patients is that we also get a chance to talk, In this time we can:

• Connect to your baby’s growth and development at this stage of pregnancy

• Identify Nutritional and Supplemental needs for your pregnancy

• Discuss plans for self-care and exercise to promote feeling amazing throughout

• Cultivate ways that you can create connection with your body and your baby

• Dive in to the emotions that can arise during the final weeks of pregnancy and the transition to your new life as a mother

• Prepare your labour and delivery options that align with your individual wishes and babies

• Answer all of your questions related to your pregnancy, labour, and early days with baby

• Advise you on natural remedies for stubborn pregnancy symptoms, labour preparation and recovery

• Prepare for a successful breastfeeding experience

• Advise you on natural remedies for baby’s care

Suggested Treatment Frequency:

3rd Trimester Suggestions: Every individual and pregnancy is uniquely based on the individuals specific needs for support.  However it is common for my to see women in their 3rd trimester every 2 weeks starting at 30 weeks and increasing the frequency to weekly treatments starting at 36 or 37 weeks to begin birthing acupuncture. Acupuncture at this time helps to position the baby, ripen the cervix, increase energy, reduce anxiety, manage edema, and reduce high blood pressure.

Weekly treatments starting at 32 weeks are suggested if your baby is in the breech presentation.

Healthy Thriving Babies, make the whole household thrive. We love assisting your little ones achieve optimum health as the foundation of their well-being. To learn more about how we can help your baby in the early stages of their development Click Here

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