5 Element Life Design Sessions

Work With Ashley

I’m here to help you connect to your 5 Element Alchemy and cultivate wholeness.

So you can know the ways in which each Element shows up for you, their roles, and how they are guiding you… In all moments.

When you connect with your 5 Element Alchemy, you remember who you truly are.

You remember why you came to this planet.

You reconnect with the rhythms & support of Mother Nature guiding you every step of the way.

And, finally, you trust yourself enough to follow your dreams and make positive changes,

without needing guidance, permission or approval from anyone or anything outside yourself.


5 Element Life Design is a 6-month transformational journey for Light workers, Healers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and anyone who feels called to awaken their intuition and deepen their relationship with the cycles and rhythms of mother nature.

This mentorship is here to align you with your Soul’s highest calling, to be a vessel for the Divine, and to embody the courageous changes that your heart has been whispering to you in your dreams.

Each session is a sacred container to connect directly with your Element type. We will traverse the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms to unravel the layers of past identities, thoughts, beliefs and oppressions that have dictated life as you know it up to this point.

Committing to the path of your Soul is not for the faint of heart. This program encourages feeling it all to embody your True Self from the inside out. The 5 Element Life Design Mentorship honours your process – the good, bad, and ugly, as equally sacred keys to Divine Transformation.

Over six months, you will experience the steady steps of alchemy through the cycling of the 5 elements and their guidance while receiving assignments from them every session. You are encouraged to follow this guidance, and notice what unfolds in your life as a result (spoiler alert: it’s magical).

Every session focuses on your Elemental make up and its relationship to your current life’s season, and over the course of our time together, you will develop conscious relationships with each of the elements as they manifest themselves within you,

Internally: in the way your body and mind work (your health, the way you make decisions thru to your core values),

Externally: in the ways that the elements influence you in nature (the changing of the seasons, monthly moon cycles, etc.)


Spiritually: as each Element encompasses themes and archetypes to cultivate free flowing movement and evolution to your Souls liberation

Combined together they conspire to hold space for your inherent wisdom and Souls purpose to rise to the surface and be enacted.

I draw upon my expertise as a Dr. of Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements alchemy, combined with an in-depth understanding of western medicine and modern psychology, herbalism, clairvoyance and energy healing to curate a deeply sacred, transformational and encouraging environment to support you.


1 – Two hour Initial session to map out your Elemental Typing chart, constitution, & delve into the sparks of desire that you wish you manifest into reality over the course of our time together.

12 x 75 min private sessions with Ashley over the course of 6 months (2 sessions per month)

Regular 5 Element assignments to integrate embodiment in-between sessions

Personalized daily practice for increasing intuition, healing and real-world success

Powerful meditations that connect you to the elements & your inner knowing

Access to Ashley’s Embodied Alchemy Method online course & content ($440 value)

Receive Ashley’s curated 5 Element Guidebook to strengthen the embodiment of who you are & why you are the way you are.

* In person session include constitutional body work and acupuncture to support the material and solidify it within the body and your consciousness

In whatever type of environment we meet together (in person at my clinic or virtual), we first consult on what your main desires are, such as:

  • business
  • emotional health
  • physical health
  • spiritual growth
  • relationships
  • a blend of all life’s concerns or questions

Through 5 Element embodiment, you begin to find a fierce grace within. A natural unfolding of steady steps for you to take will appear. Your trust will become unshakable. Your world will begin to thrive and expand and nourish you, because you have aligned yourself with the frequency of energy that is waiting to support you. Your love will become what love has always been meant to be: free and unconditional. And your life will glow, from the inside out.

You will be a living example of someone that lives a life of profound Love & Legacy.

Investment: $3000 CAD

To apply, please email ashley@ashleyabbs.com with the subject “5 Element Life Design”

If you’re more inclined to go with the flow and experience life design sessions as your life circumstances dictate, a single session might be more your style.


Initial Foundation Life Design Private Session

This 2 hour session is the foundation to support you in your connection to your Element Type to assist you in clearing blocks in your energy field, receive healing and establish your next steady steps to embrace embodiment and manifest your desires.

If you’re feeling lost, off, frustrated or are seeking clarity and want to simply feel better, a 5 Element Life Design private session will help.

We’ll meet in person at my Clinic Terrasana Health in Calgary, AB, Canada or via Skype.

  • An Initial Session is required for first time clients.
  • Constitutional Acupuncture and body work is utilized during in-person sessions
  • Complimentary Download of the Inner Alchemy Digital Program ($47 value)

Investment: $325

After our first session, we’ll decide if a series of follow-up sessions feels useful, empowering, and supportive. I usually work with people for between 2 -12 sessions per desire.

Follow-Up Life Design Private Session

This 75-minute session is designed to empower and hold you accountable to reaching your desires and support your embodiment and relationship to the 5 Elements and their guidance. Each session builds upon the last to cultivate your intuition, healing and real world success.

We’ll meet in person at my Clinic Terrasana Health in Calgary, AB, Canada or via Skype.

Investment: $225

  • Constitutional Acupuncture and body work is utilized during in-person sessions

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