Unifying Science with Soul


What Past Clients Have Said

“I feel like I’m one of the luckiest women on the planet. I have had access to Ashley’s wisdom and my life has been better for it. I love that my body, soul and voice are honoured in her treatment while she weaves her magic of knowing with the science of acupuncture. Not only do the systems of my body flow freely after an appointment with her but so does my work in the world. Ashley is a gift and Calgary is so fortunate to have her!”

— P.J.

“My fiancé and I had tried every reasonable effort to conceive, including IUI and the very costly IVF. When between our first and second (last) attempt at IVF, my fiancé decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Ashley Abbs to try and help our chances. It worked! And not only was Ashley a huge part of the happiest moments of our lives (our healthy and beautiful newborn son), she saved us from the tedious and intrusive effort of IVF. My only irritation with this whole deal was that acupuncture was never suggested by doctors as something we should consider. In the 10 months since we got the great news that my fiancé was pregnant, I have recommended trying acupuncture to three different couples, BEFORE exploring IVF. Thank you so much Ashley!”

— S.M.

“As I look at my newborn son in my arms, I am filled with gratitude. My family and I will forever be grateful for the support and guidance of Dr. Abbs. Prior to meeting Dr. Abbs, we were in a state of panic, nearly believing that we just were not meant to bear children. We were able to take all the energy we were spending focusing on the negative and put it towards our desired future and what we believed to be possible. This changed everything!

Throughout my treatment, Dr. Abbs provided me with a sense of calm, allowing me to access my deepest self, thereby enabling new life to spring forth. I do not believe that my journey towards and into motherhood would have been as seamless or profound without the help of Dr. Abbs.”

— L.H.

“I started meeting with Dr. Ashley after about a year of trying to conceive (admittedly with some scepticism as I was not very familiar with holistic medicine). She is so helpful, knowledgeable and calming. Immediately I looked forward to our visits, and came out more relaxed and at peace that I would have after a full day at the spa! Once we started working with a fertility doctor I was worried that the approaches of Dr. Ashley and my fertility doc would clash, but Dr. Ashley really showed how they could work in harmony. My fertility doctor was brash and cold, so Dr. Ashley would always take the time to discuss my visits with him, clarifying and reassuring me of what was going on. We conceived after our first attempt at IUI and with Dr. Ashley’s help navigated a few minor scares to carry a healthy full-term baby girl. What amazed me during our pregnancy was not only how reassuring she was, but also her ability to alleviate some “nuisances” of pregnancy – a few of her well-placed needles could melt away a headache or stop heartburn almost instantly, and a couple week following a hemorrhage, a visit with Dr. Ashley was able to stop the bleeding within the day (making me question why I didn’t go in to see her immediately after). Once I was full-term she helped teach me and my husband techniques to bring on labour, allowing us to avoid induction and have the natural drug-free delivery I was hoping for. I whole heartedly recommend anyone at any point on their fertility journey to meet with Dr. Ashley – she is a true angel!”

— S.K.

“After many years of fertility treatments, we finally met Ashley and were successful with our 4th IVF cycle. We now have two beautiful 4 month old twin boys. Thank you so much for finally helping us achieve a healthy pregnancy. I would recommend Ashley’s services to anyone struggling with fertility issues.”

— S.H.

“I’ve been seeing Ashley for over 2 years now. I feel I am in great health, and see her as part of a good health regiment. From the first visit, I’ve felt at home under her care. Ashley’s approach is caring and genuine, and her attention is precise. Thank goodness!!! I trust her with any issue that comes up, as she is gifted with the ability to create a magical and warm space that allows me to feel at ease.”

— M.W.

“Dr. Abbs, Thank you so much for your wonderful care prior to, and throughout my pregnancy. I truly feel that your services made the difference this time, and allowed me to carry and deliver my beautiful baby girl. She has arrived safe and sound thanks to you!”

— H.T.

“I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for Ashley’s services, I really felt that after her treatments I was able to come to a place of acceptance in my journey which I believe helped me to relax and better deal with the hormones and the emotional roller coasters. As well it gave me the strength and determination to carry on with trying to get pregnant. I am now a proud mommy to a beautiful baby girl! I always recommend Ashley’s treatments to anyone who is having fertility issues.”

— A.G.

“Dr. Abbs, Thank you so very much for helping bring us this miracle. We hope you know what an amazing thing it is that you do!”

— H.W.

 I came to see Ashley, like many of her clients, due to struggles with infertility. I so longed to be a mother. What was amazing for me was, during sessions, I actually began to feel like I was visiting the soul of my child in that room. That, after all the needles were in, and Ashley left me to rest, that my child’s spirit would enter that room and stay awhile. It was amazing and I was in tears during many sessions.   I always knew Ashley was doing more than “acupuncture.” I can’t thank her enough for all that she does.” 

— D.C. 

“A very big thank you to Dr. Abbs, I wouldn’t have these beautiful boys if it weren’t for her. Ashley gave me hope and help when I couldn’t find it elsewhere. Both are healthy and growing so fast now. I enjoy every moment with them!”

— R.W.

“I have known Dr. Ashley Abbs for the last twenty years both professionally and personally. She is a former intern and student of mine. During this time, I have had the privilege to witness Ashley’s tremendous skill and dedication as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fertility specialist and coach. Her commitment to her client’s well- being and growth is evident in her calm and reassuring presence. This lays the foundation for improving health and creating empowerment through her strategic and highly individualized healing practices. All aspects of one’s health are improved as a result. She brings integrity, intelligence and a heartfelt approach to her work. By living the principles that she teaches her clients, Ashley is a role model for modern women to create the life that they too are seeking. Dr. Abbs is a prominent thought leader in the area of women’s health and personal transformation. I trust her thinking completely. Through her thriving health centre and unique programs Ashley allows all women to fully flourish in every aspect of their lives.”

— Dr. J.Johal.

“Meeting Ashley has been such a blessing. She helped me learn things about myself and become more aware of what was going on in my body. Most importantly she was with us through a long and emotional journey towards parenthood. Ashley really helped provide a sense of calm amongst all the ups and downs we faced and are now proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! Thank-you Dr. Abbs you will forever be a part of our family!”

— C. D.

“Empathetic and pragmatic, Dr. Ashley Abbs is a tremendously talented acupuncturist whose warmth, energy and compassion is evidenced the moment you walk into her clinic. Her genuine heart and passion for healing is the medicine that makes her such a valuable asset to all of her patients.”

— K.D.

“I admire Ashley for her ability to integrate rich intelligence, accurate intuition, & a warm heart into her career & personal life. She is deeply driven by growth. Because Ashley is constantly learning it makes it very easy to rise to your best self in her presence. Ashley’s most liberating transformation that I have had the pleasure of witnessing is her expansion to be seen by the world & show sincere vulnerability in her brand as a doctor, mother, wife, woman, humanitarian, & dream weaver. Ashley’s philanthropic nature promotes the welfare of others in a disarming, simple, awe-inspiring way. If you are fortunate enough to have her guide you on your journey you will be grateful you made the connection.”

— S.M.

“After a few years of trying, hoping, and researching other options, I finally found Ashley’s clinic. Still sceptical I made my first appointment, but felt welcome, understood and relaxed right away. My previous visits to acupuncturists were nowhere close to the wonderful experience I had with her. We’re very grateful for all the support we received from Ashley before and during our pregnancy, especially for her help to bring our daughter into this world on the most natural way possible. Thank you!”

— D.K.

“I want to live in a world where love flows freely and wisdom runs deeply – the divine feminine is the way into this world. Ashley’s radiant warmth and joyful presence will light the way.”

— Gemma Stone.