Male Factor Fertility

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Male Fertility Program

While much of the attention is given to female fertility, it is important to remember that conception is a 50/50 endeavour and Male Fertility Optimization is equally important and Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are very effective in improving the overall quality of sperm for the majority of men.

For men incorporating IVF, IUI, or ICSI, Oriental medicine can greatly contribute to the success of these procedures, especially if treatment begins several months prior to the commencement of Western treatment.

5 Element Transformational Healing Sessions can help optimize fertility in men by:

• Improving sperm motility
• Improving semen volume
• Improving Sperm morphology
• Rectifying Anti-Sperm antibodies
• Increasing Libido
• Treating Erectile Dysfunction
• Resolving stress to promote relaxation

Treatment Suggestion and Frequency:

Treatment for Male Factor Fertility depends on the patient’s underlying Chinese Diagnosis and therefore calls for different combinations of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Formulas, Dietary modifications, Nutritional Supplementation, and Lifestyle guidance.

While every patient’s individual needs are different, the general rule of thumb is 3-6 months of treatment prior to natural or assisted conception. A 3-month minimum is the time it takes to balance and regulate the reproductive system so that healthy sperm are produced. Acupuncture treatments are typically performed weekly and Chinese herbal formulas and Nutritional supplements are added to further support and balance the body.

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