What Are You Waiting For?


The “2 Week Wait” is probably the hardest moment for any woman trying to conceive.

The anticipation has you excited, you’re super aware of every little change occurring in your body. Your mind is already doing the mental math calculating when your baby’s birthday would be if this were the month that it all starts.

Am I right?


Each day that you get closer to your expected period or your possible test date you grow a little more apprehensive, possibly deflated, you haven’t felt any symptoms different from the usual. You’ve gone back and forth thinking this is the month and it didn’t happen. The mental space that this is taking up is enough to drive anyone a little over the edge. I watch this happen with my clients every month and started to think about why this happens and why is it so excruciating?

Truth! It’s because the 2 week wait isn’t only a wait on baby and your pregnancy vision. It’s a wait on stepping into your true power and your larger life. A baby and a pregnancy, gives permission to step into the life that you envision.

Give permission to YOU now, start living now and the baby will come.

Stop putting all of the other components on hold until a baby completes the picture. Granted some of your hopeful experiences do require a baby, but not all of them. If you’re struggling to even think about anything but baby, and the “BUT” is running with commentary something like…. “but this could be the month, so I’ll do this next month if it doesn’t happen”

Take a breath, and a few minutes and try this, what do you have to lose. Get out your journal, sit down get comfortable and get ready to write. Pick a specific date in the future, choose something like a year and a half from now and think about your ideal day. To keep it simple and your heart at ease envision that your baby is 6 months old. Take a moment and believe that it’s completely possible and then start writing. What are you doing? Get really specific, is it a week day, weekend? What season are you in? Write it all out, account for the time you wake up all the way until you drift back off to sleep. No detail is too much; from what are you wearing, to what you put in your mouth, what are the emotions that fill the day?

When you’re done read it through, feel it, and break it down. What themes and activities do you see occurring? Did you experience fun, freedom, self-care, intimacy, love?

Are there themes that exist in your ideal day that don’t right now? Can you move towards some of these qualities now? Given that baby has yet to arrive, create action and go after everything else you want to experience. Place the trust in your body, invite your baby, and experience something new.

In the comments below, tell me what qualities you are putting on hold and what you are going to do to change that.




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