Your Period Is Not The Enemy



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Okay, now picture me yelling this from the roof tops, because I’m freaking serious about this statement.


A few weeks ago on Instagram, a post from a pretty well known “Fertility Coach” came across my feed that stated:

“What’s a Period?”   falloutnaluatthetardis” ….Uterus wants a baby. Person doesn’t have baby. Uterus wants revenge.


Reading this felt like an instant kick to my ovaries and then it just made me mad.


Now, I get that it was probably posted to make light of a pretty heavy topic, and it would definitely generate a ton of likes and comments which for people in the online world building platforms is a huge thing.


BUT… (I’m yelling again)


Compartmentalizing a part of your body and making it the enemy because right now it’s not doing what you want it to do is not the answer and it won’t get you any closer to your dream of pregnancy and a baby.


So here’s the truth, your body puts up with a lot of your shit.


We talk poorly to her, we sometimes fuel her with junk food and elements that she can’t tolerate well, we overwork and overstimulate her and we flat out ignore her most of the time.


And then, like a switch that has been flicked on we expect her to get pregnant.


All of a sudden we are trying to tune into her but not really because all we’re doing is trying to figure out if her signs and symptoms mean there is a pregnancy and nothing else. So again, we are just looking to what she is doing for us and not the other way around.


Your Body, Your Period, are attempting to get through to you, they are not trying to punish you. Your body is telling you what is going on for them, and rather than ignore and then hate it every time it shows up start to listen.


As women we are lucky we get a monthly report card that can tell you pretty much everything that is happening in your body up to 3-4 months before. It’s actually pretty amazing that it can do that, men don’t have this type of opportunity to tap in and listen to their bodies in the same way. Through it’s flow, volume and any accompanying symptoms, bloating, breast tenderness, being super emotional, cramps, being really tired, she is letting you know that she requires your attention. (I think this is pretty cool, which is probably why I am in the type of job that I am)


Perhaps, she’s trying to let you know that there are certain foods that are making her inflamed or feeling really sluggish, maybe she needs you to slow down and do one less P90X session a week and go for a relaxing walk instead, or is she trying to signal to you that you need to talk to your boss and tell him that you need to cut your schedule a little so you have more time for self-care.


The answers and the clues are limitless, and your body knows what she needs, it just requires you to tune in and honour what she’s asking, not tomorrow or next week when your deadline passes but everyday. When you do this on a regular basis you will find that most of the time she is not asking for much. She just wants to be included in the conversation.


Your Body wants to help you get pregnant just as much as your Heart and Mind do, but hating her isn’t the way. Everything needs to work together in harmony.


So the next time your period comes when you were hoping for an extra pink line….AGAIN!


First and foremost I want to say that its important to let your feelings out, take the time right there to grieve it, cry, get mad, Ask WHY, do whatever you need to do to release what’s coming forward in that moment so that it doesn’t get stuck in the body. She doesn’t need it.


And then, I invite you to take a few deep breaths, tune into your body and ask?


“What do you need from me, so that we can get closer to our dream?”


Then breathe and Listen.


Take a few moments each day in the morning to ask this question and see how your month unfolds.


Okay, So I want you to try this right now, where ever you are and then in the comments below I want to hear what your body is telling you.



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