Stop Saying You’re Old

Stop Saying You're Old!
I can’t count how many times in my practice I have had a woman tell me that they are old. Usually my response is an awkward pause as I frantically look though my notes to find their age only to find out that their 33.

Are you kidding me….. OLD?

Yes I get it, everyday women, myself included are inundated with messages about our bodies and our fertility. We want to turn back time on all of it, and yes I won’t pretend that age isn’t a factor when it comes to fertility, but we’re not talking about 30, more like 40+. And even at 40, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

I Am FertileSo stop telling yourself that you’re old or that you have old eggs.

If you believe that thoughts become things……’re not doing yourself any favours.

Instead, do this.

Get all of your facts. Stop putting your energies towards things that you have no idea about. I recommend that all of my patients sit down with their Doctors and/or RE’s and get their hormones tested, not sure which ones see my previous blog on this topic. More often than not they come back in range and this allows you to trust the process and enjoy the journey to pregnancy and baby. If something shows up on the test, at least you know and you can put your efforts into bringing yourself back into balance and have a plan.

And then Change your Mindset.

You are an individual, not a number or statistic. Your path and journey to baby has yet to be determined. So believe in the miracle and the Divine Timing that life truly is. When your baby is ready you will be too.

I am being completely honest when I say this. I rarely ever look at my clients ages on their intake forms, because regardless of your age, YOU STILL WANT A BABY. Your age is one thing that you can’t change, you can’t go back and fast forward your life to get pregnant 5 years earlier. So leave it alone, and do the above.

Take “I’m old” out of your vocabulary and replace it with “I Am Fertile

In the comments below I want to hear what other beliefs are making you second guess your fertility?



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