What is Your New Priority?


I find I’m asking my clients this question more and more these days and usually, it’s followed with a long pause.

Probably, your number one or top priority was to get pregnant.

I ask again,

if you weren’t trying to get pregnant what would be your top priority? Where would your focus and attention be?

Take a moment and try to get past the BUT….

I’m not saying getting pregnant can’t be your greatest priority; I’m just trying to create an opening where something else that will give you true joy can share the space.

Is it Art and creating beautiful things?

Is it your career and your next launch?

Is it Travel?

OR, is it learning Italian?

The picure above is us, pre-Baby E in Giverny. It was a dream of mine to see Monet’s gardens in person. The day was super rainy, I found out it is always rainy, but I was in absolute heaven.

So, It can be anything. Find a quiet space and do a little check in or journaling and feel into what else resides in your desires alongside baby.

Too often I see women put everything else on hold in effort to get pregnant. When this desire takes longer than expected, it’s not just the unfulfilled desire of baby that’s not happening. It’s everything, and all of that disappointment gets directed into one area. Having a baby is one moment, a big one, but still only one part of you, and it doesn’t have an expected arrival date.

So I’m asking you again.

What is your New Top Priority or Desire?

Is it something that you can begin to put into action today?

What steps are you going to take to work on this new project?


In the comments below, tell me what your new Top Priority or Desire is.


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