Now Is the Time To State Your Desires: Transition From Wood To Fire


We have just a few more weeks until we officially kick of Summer, and that means we have only have a little more time to integrate our inner Wood Energies before they transition into Fire.

This time of the year is really important to spend a little time getting organized and asserting your plans and visioning, as they will take us through to the fall.

I implore you to not wait to do this, because implementing and follow-through are not strengths of the Fire Element.

Fire is about celebration, getting caught up in the moment and letting ideas fly. Reflect on your own summers of the past and perhaps the energy and activities that are kicking off.

If its anything like mine, it’s a week or two at the lake, Back yard BBQ’s, a few extra glasses of wine here and there, more play time spent with your kids, girlfriends, partners. It’s a full on expression of fun, play and love, And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But with that, it’s not really a time that we are putting things to paper or taking directed action. Don’t fight it, allow yourself this time to be in the moment and let your ideas swirl. A part of us keeps that Summer vacation mentality from childhood, and it should be embraced. Everything will find it’s landing place come September when traction and strategy have more resonance.

You still have a little time, there are a few weeks to go before your Fire starts to blaze, and RIGHT NOW the Wood Element is in its full force, so take advantage of it.

Now is the time, to think about your desires, what do you want, what do you dream about?

Take some time to envision (a beautiful skill that the Wood Element allows us to possess).

In a year from now, Where do you want to be? How much money do you want to make? Are you having a baby? Are you changing Careers? Or going back to school?

Quiz 1 Option (Are you ready)(Quiz)Don’t leave one area of your life untouched by this process.

Lifestyle, Business, Family, Body, Spirituality, Home, Money, Community, Relationships

Get all of them out in the open so you can really take stock of how you want your life to look.

This process might take on a whole life of its own, with strategy and plans starting to form (likely if you have a significant amount of Wood in your individual constitution)

If this comes naturally, do what you do best, for the rest of us that have a little less Wood in us, break these visions down to one or two actions that you can start with.

Not too crazy that you won’t end up following thru over the summer, but it could be as simple as scheduling a meeting with your boss, financial advisors or even your doctor or Acupuncturist (wink-wink). Research teacher-training for yoga or dance so you know what time frame you’re looking at to get certified. Take a visit to the local college and peruse their course catalog.

Get the ball rolling, and then allow. There is no denying that Summer is magical time, the act of Love (an emotion evoked by Fire) is proof of this fact, so when we can give words to our desires, and see ourselves living in a way that reflects our true nature and authenticity, the Universe has this ability to open up and provide us with the most poignant connections and synchronicities that bring dreams to fruition.

So, take a little time and tap in to your inner vision.

Write it out, make a vision board or spend a little time on Pinterest. Give your dreams a voice and then share them.

When we share them with our loved ones, a friend, here on the comments, with at least one action on how you are going to get closer to the end result, we bind ourselves to the possibility that it may actually happen.

Try it.






Header Photo Credit: Stefan Makwana


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