Why You Need A Mantra

Why You Need A Mantra

So every week for some time, I have been putting together a mantra for you. If you’re missing them you can follow me here on Instagram and you can get caught up.

Typically they are centred around my fertility work, but most of the time it’s a Mantra that I am saying to myself in that moment. I am just switching out the intention of a baby for something else.

I use mantra’s a lot. I find them calming and grounding and they are one of the simplest and most powerful ways in changing any limiting beliefs that you have going on in the back ground.

There are times when I get all fancy and clear the space light a candle and meditate with the mantra and a Mala, At the beginning of a workout, I will move my body repeating a mantra I have recently really gotten into this having done Liz Dialto’s Wild Soul Movement, and then there are moments which happen throughout the day when I just repeat the mantra to myself doing the dishes or folding laundry.

So what is a mantra?

Instagram_ClickhereThe origin of the word ‘mantra’ comes from the Sanskrit root ‘man’ – which means to think. So the original meaning of mantra is ‘thought vibrations.’

A mantra, can be anything, a simple word such as “Love” or a little more complicated like the one I shared a few weeks back “The Outcome Might Be Even Better Than I Imagine”

It can be anything that you want to put your mind too and it’s so important that you choose one for yourself starting today.

Whether you know it or not, you are repeating mantras to yourself all of the time. Depending on who you talk to, in any given day 90-99% of the thoughts you had today are the same thoughts you had yesterday and every day before that one. Your subconscious is hard at work looping and integrating these thoughts into your body, your behaviours and your coping mechanisms.

But here’s the thing, a lot of these thoughts are mantra’s that I’m pretty sure you don’t actually want to be repeating to yourself if you had a conscious choice.

The “I’m unworthy, I’m ugly, I’m infertile, I’m not good enough” We are hardwired to keep these limiting beliefs going, they keep us safe, they keep us in the familiar and so we are hesitant to adopt beliefs that lead us to growth and expansion.

Asking yourself why that is, when it’s so obvious that we should be able to think were awesome more easily?

It’s because, in the evolution of our species, it was the over cautious worrier that kept themselves safe that survived. Natural selection took care of the brave, egocentric cave man/woman that thought they were the next best thing. Those individuals took risks, and had a higher likelihood of being eaten by a mountain lion or falling off a cliff.

But, we don’t live in a civilization or culture where death is around the corner anymore, and our innate worry, overthinking and self-doubt no longer serves us as it did in the past for our ancestors. So its time to start changing those beliefs.

Except, the subconscious mind is a tricky little system so we can’t just state that from now on “I don’t believe this or that, I belief that I am something else” Your subconscious mind will just respond with a sinister laugh and a condescending “Okay, sure, we’ll see about that when shit hits the fan.”

Instead, you have to be clever and a little sneaky, and using mantra’s are truly one of the best ways to do this.

When talking with one of my good friends Gemma Stone, she discussed the way into the subconscious is through repetition and doing this when the mind is distracted. One of the best time is when you’re commuting to work.

You know when you’re driving but your mind is somewhere else but you still manage to get to work on time and without getting into an accident. Or when you’re brushing your teeth, it all gets done but all of the actions are on auto-pilot and before you know it, your done and you’ve already got your day planned out and your on your way to the kitchen. Another really good time is when you’re drifting off to sleep.

When your mind is in these states, you have access to your subconscious mind, and it’s willing to let you in. It’s able to take in a new belief and with enough time, your whole being will know it to be true. A belief that you are worthy, beautiful, desirable, or that your body supports your dreams will become one of the 99% of the thoughts that you think in any particular day. Crowding out the previously held belief that was the opposite, when the subconscious can accept that your new belief keeps it just as safe it will be willing to let the other one go.

So today pick a mantra.

If you need help check out my Instagram and see if one there feels right to start with, or use this weeks mantra,

“I Am Worthy”

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And when you find your mind wandering allow yourself to start repeating the words.

In the comments, I would love to here what is your current mantra? How does it make you feel in your body when you repeat it?


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